We really love basil

By Stansie HQ

We really love basil

It takes a backseat in two Stansie herb dip mixes, but we are sure glad to have the herb basil along on the ride.

What can we say to sum up how fabulous this herb is? Maybe the great chef Elizabeth David said it best when she declared that if she could only choose one plant from all the herbs in all the world, it would be basil.

We gleaned this information from the book ‘The Cook’s Herb Garden’ by sisters Mary Browne, Helen Leach and Nancy Tichborne, and published in 2001. Anyone with the slightest interest in herbs should have a copy on their bookshelf. In this book you can learn that despite being known as the ‘Italian herb’, nobody really knows basil’s true origins – Africa? Europe? Asia?

But really, in the end, who cares where it comes from, basil is a blessing. You can find it in our spicy dip mix Brave Soldier and our rosemary dip mix Remember Me.



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