Sustainability matters

By Stansie HQ

Sustainability matters

“Sustainability is the ability to exist constantly.” That’s the first sentence in the Wikipedia entry on ‘sustainability’ and — unsurprisingly — at Stansie we are not about to lodge a correction.  

Stansie means constant and steadfast — two underrated qualities which we love to promote. We try hard to be sustainable in every aspect of Stansie production. From storing our raw herbs and spices in reusable glass jars (that are sterilised between batches) to our packaging which includes biodegradable bags.

We also really love beeswax wraps and have made four in the designs of each of our products.

Hop and Skip beeswax


These wraps are for our own use currently, but you can find out how to make your own beeswax wraps in a previous blog here. Wraps are perfect for putting over containers of unfinished dips or to wrap up fruit and veges before putting back in the fridge.

Here’s to a little less plastic wrap, and a little more sustainability, in our lives in the coming year!


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