Oh pumpkin!

By Stansie HQ

Oh pumpkin!

Eating veges in season makes perfect sense – it’s cheaper for one thing. And I speak as someone who can’t resist tomatoes and courgettes at any time of the year!

So, let’s take a moment to consider the pumpkin. A mellow vegetable crammed with goodness, and super easy to cook. It’s also very cheap to buy when in season. The other day I picked up a slice that weighed in at 0.734 kg for just $1.46. It made two meals for two people, here’s how.

I cut up the pumpkin and put it into a pot with 1 cup of water. But you really just need enough water to cover the pumpkin pieces, so don’t be too exact on measurements. Then I popped in half a tablespoon of Remember Me and a handful of croutons (the secret ingredient), brought it to boil, and then cooked on medium heat until pumpkin was soft.

I then mashed it up with a basic potato masher and put it through a steel strainer (you can use any kind of strainer) to create the soup, which I heated and served with a couple of – you guessed it – croutons on top.

Pumpkin soup


The great thing about using a strainer (as opposed to a food processor, which is perfectly fine too) is that you take the mash that’s left behind and put it in the fridge to serve the next day either on toast or on a baked potato, topped with grated cheese.

Pumpkin mash on baked potato

As you can see by the photo above a pumpkin mash baked potato makes for a perfectly good and nutritious meal on its own or when paired with a simple salad.


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