Herbs to go with roast vegetables

By Stansie HQ

Herbs to go with roast vegetables

Liven up your roast vegetables with a generous sprinkling of our rosemary herb mix Remember Me. Here are the main herbs in Remember Me and why they work so well in a simple dish of cooked vegetables.

Rosemary – its combination of strong and subtle flavour provides a spirited lift to the plainest of vegetables.

Basil – mellow basil goes perfectly with tomatoes and other Mediterranean vegetables such as tomatoes, aubergines (eggplant) or pepper (capsicum).

Parsley – This savoury stalwart rounds out the flavours and blends so well with the other herbs it completes the meal.

In the vege dish depicted in the photo accompanying this post we have included tomatoes, aubergine (eggplant), baby beetroot and red pepper. But you could easily substitute in whatever vegetables you fancy. For example, swap out beetroot for courgettes (zucchini), or add a splash of colour with green or yellow pepper (capsicum).

Just a word on the tomatoes – we prefer cherry tomatoes when roasting a vege mix. This is because after its been cooked with the sprig of your fork you can burst their skins and spread the juice across plain veges like aubergine.

You might also want to accompany Remember Me with a splash or two balsamic vinegar to provide that extra flavour boost. When that’s done, then pop it into the oven. We’ve found about 20 – 25 minutes on medium heat (around 180°C or 360°F) is enough to ensure this super-easy vege dish is hot, healthy and ready to eat.

You can check out Remember Me here.


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