Herbs that go with plain yoghurt

By Stansie HQ

Herbs that go with plain yoghurt

There’s been a lot of discussion about the microbiome and how it affects overall health and wellbeing. We’re not medical folk so we think about the microbiome as being the good bugs in our body that help us digest food. By all means look up the microbiome and find out more, there are oodles of great articles from reputable scientific articles that provide an excellent introduction. The reason we bring it up is that yoghurts which are high in protein, calcium and probiotics can apparently help the microbiome stay healthy.

What we do like to share our thoughts about is flavour, which is why we wanted to address the question – what herbs go well with plain yoghurt?

Our answer is Hop and Skip, our dip made with the hero ingredients mint, tarragon, and cumin. Just mix one tablespoon with a cup of plain yoghurt, chill in the fridge and you have a tasty dip.

Which leads us to the next question – what goes with Hop and Skip dip?

While you can pair it with vege sticks, crackers and pita bread and serve as a starter, it’s also great with meatballs and salads that contain cucumber and tomato. Which makes it super versatile – when the first course is over, Hop and Skip remains on the table as a condiment to the main meal.

You can check out Hop and Skip here


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