Pizza that's easy to make - and easy to eat

By Stansie HQ

Pizza that's easy to make - and easy to eat

At its best pizza is simple to make and delicious to eat. Which is why we love this twist on one of our favour pizza flavours ever – the Neapolitan.

Right away we should say there is no cheese, not even the famed mozzarella (you could sneak some in at the end when no one was looking) so apologies are maybe due to the people of Naples. In our defence, there are heaps of gorgeous fresh tomatoes.

On a tortilla base spread 3-4 teaspoons of tomato paste, place slices of tomato on top, and finish off with plenty of our herb dip mix Remember Me.

If you have any fresh basil around, then tear it up and put it on. And don’t forget to include lashings (as Enid Blyton’s Famous Five might have said) of olive oil. We once read that olive oil is medicine and we can’t argue, although it is a little bit calorific with at an estimated 40 calories in one teaspoon. As you can see by the photograph illustrating this post, this pizza was made on a day when we weren’t counting!

Put the pizza into an oven on medium heat (around 180°C or 360°F) for about 10 minutes. It all depends how crispy you like the base, so keep watch. Good luck and go well.

You can check out our Remember Me - with the hero herb Rosemary accompanied by true friends, basil and parsley - at the product page here.


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