Drying herbs naturally

By Stansie HQ

Drying herbs naturally

You look out at your herb garden and notice that one of your favourite herbs is wilting in the sun or growing so fast it is over-running the pot, but you have no immediate use for it.

Like this supermarket basil. This photo was taken at the peak of its goodness.

The easiest way to preserve this herb before it fades away, is to dry it out naturally. You can do this by cutting each stem and tying them together with a rubber band.


Then hang these bundles of goodness upside down in a dry airy room, out of direct sunlight. Here I’ve tied the basil stems onto the bars of a clothes-drying rack.

Visit occasionally to check on progress. It can take a few weeks (depending on the spot you choose) but you know your herbs are ready when they crumple easily between your thumb and forefinger. Now all you need do is place the dried herbs in a sterlised jar and place in the pantry for use another day. The general rule of thumb is a teaspoon of dried herbs matches a tablespoon of fresh herbs.


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