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Herb & spice Dip mixes

Stansie herb and spice dip mixes

Eating well, and entertaining with style, are easy when you have a Stansie herb and spice mix in your pantry. In minutes you can create a delicious dip, chill it in the fridge, and serve with vege sticks, chips, crackers or bread.

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Oh pumpkin!

Let's take a moment to consider the pumpkin. A mellow vegetable crammed with goodness, and super easy to cook. It’s also very cheap to buy when in season.

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Brave soldier roast vegetables

Spice up your roast vegetables with this simple recipe using Stansie's Brave Soldier mix. Read the recipe here.

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How to make croutons

Croutons are perfect for every season – pop onto salads in spring and summer, and plop into soups in autumn and winter. They are so, so easy to make, especially when you have our sage and oregano herb dip mix Wise One on hand.

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